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The Gold Coast is one of the healthiest places on earth.

The climate, fresh air, access to beaches parks and abundance of qualified trainers and professional athletes make this a mecca for your health.
We feature some of the Gold Coast's finest including-:

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Change Chai

Feature DVD

Over 60s Program



Holistic Approach

Physiofusion combines physiotherapy, pilates, yoga and gym-based techniques to create a holistic approach to body management, which rebalances and strengthens the body whilst rehabilitating any underlying injuries.



This DVD is part of a 12 series set which will show you exercises to improve the strength, mobility, flexibility and stability.


Mind/Body Approach

Using a mind/body approach and innovative new techniques. It will help to rebuild your body from the inside out and teach you how to use it more effectively and efficiently. It is divided into a series of chapters and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

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