Sun Salutation

The Sun Salutation is a set of postures favoured by many Yoga teachers. Nubia De Morias Gold Coast Yoga recommends doing a set of at least 10 at least once a day or on days you cannot attend a yoga class.
And if it is Nubia's class you are attending you may well be doing these anyway during the class.

Why is the Sun Salutation such an important group of postures?

Yoga Posture Sun Salutation Being a group of postures that flow together linked with the breath, it targets strength, flexibility, stamina and co-ordination. This posture can take a long time to perfect - perhaps it can always be improved and as the name suggests is a great way to start the day - Salute the Sun.

If you are lucky enough to have the insights of a an experienced yoga teacher you can use this posture to explore your anatomy, work out your body type eg Flexy or Rigid and work on improving the areas that allow you to do the posture correctly.

Subtle issues like the tilt of your pelvis, how you roll your legs back as you move to the downward dog, whether you need to bend your knees instead of compromising your core take time to get used to. Let's pick just a few issues you may encounter-:

Downward Dog

Downward Dog This posture alone requires many factors to master. Some of the issues include-:

  • Maintain relaxed shoulders (avoid hunching and stressing)
  • Lock/lift your knees and apply pressure to quads
  • If your heals go flat great - if not consider a slight knee bend
  • Be aware of not hunching your lower to middle back

Forward Fold

Forward FoldThere are plenty of subtleties in this posture. Again the correct tilt to the pelvis and how you transition into this posture and still maintain your core engaged is important.
Consider your upper-back - the part that is engaged when doing the plough posture. Avoid hunching the upper back and try to keep lengthening and extending the spine. Can you get your head to your knees? Consider a slight knee bend to achieve this and work on it over a few weeks.

Understanding your Hip Flexor

Lunge Hip Flexor

Getting to know your hip flexor can be a bonus when working on your Sun Salutation. The hip flexor allows you to raise your legs toward your torso. The muscles of the hip flexor are also responsible for keeping your hips and lower back strong, flexible and properly aligned.
Sitting at a desk may shorten your hip flexor causing it to catch or not flow through as you transition from through to the Lunge (Anjaneyasna). You may notice as your leg comes through you twist your hip (break the pose) or can only get your foot half way to your hands.

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