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Breathing properly - close your mouth

Avoid Mouth Breathing Did you know that how you breathe has a dramatic effect on your oxygen absorption, it even increases your chances of snoring?
If you breathe through your mouth you may be perceived as lacking intelligence or having poor social skills.
The down and forward position results in poor posture. Now you may be thinking down and forward?
When your mouth is open it opens down.

Why is Nose Breathing recommended?

Normal mouth rest posture is lips together with the tongue resting in the palate and breathing done through the nose.

Mouth breathing actually brings in more air. Nose breathing brings in less air than the mouth, due to the small size of the nostrils and also less air is exhaled, creating a back pressure in the lungs that allows for more oxygen to be absorbed into the blood, creating a balanced oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange.

Mouth breathing sends stress signals to the brain - fight or flight.
Nose breathing limits air intake, forcing you to slow down, thus reducing hypertension and stress. Nose breathing also protects the lungs from dust and dirt and unwanted microorganisms via the sinus system.

Dentists are recommended to observe patients before they ask them to open their mouth, to check if they are breathing properly.

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