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The philosophy is simple-look at the patient as whole. This form of health has been around since ancient times.

"All these masters of natural medicine know that the body is a unique self healing organism if it's provided with the correct environment rather by taking medication that only treats single symptoms."

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  • Homeopathy
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  • Thyroid Function Test - Thyroflex
  • Hair Analysis and compatible foods

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Thyroid Function Test - Thyroflex


Thyroflex is a non invasive thyroid test which measures your brachioradialis reflexometry and resting metabolic rate, providing results instantly. If you are already taking thyroid medication the thyroflex helps to ensure you are on the appropriate thyroid hormone replacement dosage with 98.5% accuracy and is FDA certified (US).

The Thyroflex test offers a pain-free and cost effective way of measuring the thyroid function with a simple reflex test.

Why is your thyroid so important

Thyroid dysfunction can negatively affect the neurological, heart, skeletal muscle, kidneys, and hormone-producing tissues in our bodies.

The thyroid is a soft, butterfly-shaped gland that lies wrapped around the windpipe below the Adam's apple. Its job is to secrete thyroid hormones that help regulate metabolism - in other words, the many chemical processes that keep our bodies ticking over.
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